Monday, September 1, 2014

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I learn to love

Love is such a vague word. It doesn't have a constant and proper meaning. It varies on one's perspective and such things blahblahblah whatever. I'm hear to talk about how I learn something about Love. Love isn't as bad as many has thought about it. It actually is a pretty awesome thing that can happen to mankind. I learned that Love isn't always what you would think of. There will always be changes no matter what. The good thing to do is to go with the flow and not to make a mess out of it and don't make things complicated. When in a fight, never let your pride conquer. The best way is to be humble, ask forgiveness, accept and move on. Love isn't always about giving. Love is a neutral between give and receive. Love needs sacrifice and commitment. Read more at

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unfair World

Much to what we see, this is quite an unfair world that we live in. For the past hundred million years, this method has been around since, "Survival of the Fittest" which basically means that the world is not for all but only for the better. With this, many infamous great minds are devoured by the giants.
I myself have seen people experience this. In an economic state, my friend is at below average-average state in our country. He has a lot of great ideas to share, but the fact that he does not have the amount to supply the plans and work, he eventually gave up. Then a certain some offered help, in condition that their name is to be published, not my friend's. Since he already gave up the dream, he just let them do what they want.
Such an unfair world indeed.


Night of a Mellow Rain

This post is self-written
Such a beautiful night of not a starry one, rather a cloudy night of a mellow rain.
Outside is nothing but a shade of black and flickering lights of yellow beam. I hear not of a thing but the drizzle of the downpour of limitless times beyond my ability to count. I opened the casement and there the wind enters bringing the arctic feeling.
"Ahh!" I muttered in my head. "This is it, this is the moment."
The perfect condition for the last day's act has finally come for the learning mind to recess. I shall now witness the dawn of the world. Then I shall see the bright radiance on the morrow. The day's journey has come to an end.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Violence Against Women and Children

This post is self-written.
We had a meeting about this in school so I thought of making a post about it.

The world has dramatically changed from the ancient, to the middle age, to the present times. Back then, there was a lot of discrimination. Racial discrimination and gender discrimination are just two of those different discrimination that we have seen in this world of ours.

Some countries in the Middle East actually had experienced gender discrimination. Some do not value the existence of women. They don't give them the rights to go to school, go outside, actually treating them as their own personal slave whether at young age or adult age.

In Japan, back in the days of the samurais (or maybe before this age) the women weren't treated equally as men. The men of japan treats themselves as the king of their own home and the wife should only follow.

But eventually, and gladly, these had somehow ceased to happen.

Here in the Philippines, there's quite a lot of injustice act. The children of young age were treated as slaves. Their parents order the children to work and earn money in any way they can (scavenging, stealing, begging) and the children can eat some bread for the day and the money will be given to their parents and they will use it for gambling and drinking beer. They do not do their responsibility as a father. Quite a shame for the society he is.
This is also one way how the syndicates use people. They lure in homeless children and then they do the same thing to let the children eat and live in exchange for the money. IT IS LIKE PAYING FOR THEIR LIVES!


Lower Your Expectations

This statement is a very helpful tip in life. This could lead to a better future rather than expecting a lot from others. High expectations may cause immense disappointment so it clearly is better that we have to lower our expectations on most things in our lives.

"Lower you expectations."
- it's normal to have expectations. but it's probably better if you do not have high expectations on many things. High expectations are better used only in business talk. Like for example, you have a very dedicated employee and that employee likes you or something and anything similar to that, talking to him would be a lot easier. Then telling to that employee that you have high expectations on his success is like telling him that he'd get a reward after doing such a task.
Even still, having your expectations too low is like declining trust. Expectations can occur when we have a trust in that certain person/object. But of course, it's not always trust. There can also be hate. Have this for example,
When there's a fight, let's say Player A and Player B have equal factors, strength, intelligence, stamina, etc.


It's Dark, Cold and Raining

As the moment you are reading this, the rain continues to fall in this little house of ours.
It's already night. It's cold inside and out. It's raining hard like a tiny pebble dropping on our roof.

It's soooo dark outside. I peeked through our window and I was surprised of what I saw. There's not a single light opened outside the house of our neighbors. I can't even see the moon because of the dark clouds. The rain continues to fall down on our little house. We can hear the raindrops drop on our roof as hard as tiny pebbles.
The atmosphere is quiet, cool and nice. This is the kind of atmosphere that I want. This is a perfect weather for the lonely. It kind of reminds me of the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) moments. Our house was flooded by a few. But this time, it's different. We've reinforced our house to prevent flooding.
Ahh... those moments... I remember the sorrow of the people.


The Level of Importance is Not Constant

Importance, that is one of the main concept of this world.
And I have come up to a realization that the level of importance is not constant. Thus, it is non-measurable.

The level of importance is different to other people. Why? Because different things have different importance to different people because of their perception to it. Some tend to love a certain object. Some tend to hate it while others just don't care.

Before, I suggested that we should have a number of significance to different objects like pricing it with numbers. I also recommended that we should have a formula to know the level of importance of one object. But with this in mind, it is safe to say that the level of importance of one object is not constant, thus making it non-measurable.